Neverfull Tote Bag - T.C. Style :)

I have wanted to make a bag similar to Louis Vuitton - Neverfull bag for a while now.

Here is a picture from quiltme - a korean D.I.Y. web just to give you an idea what the bag looks like.

I bought the handle and accessory to make this bag for over a year..so I think it's about time to make the bag!!

Here is my choice of fabric - the main fabric and lining:

I would like the shape of this bag to be pretty stable so I used the iron-on interface with the fabric lining.

Then I sprayed fabric glue on the batting before putting between the main fabric and the lining so I do not have to baste.

So now I am done with the preparation step. The next step is "quilting".

I will keep you posted!
Thank you for stopping by :))


  1. Did you get to finish it?
    I would love to see it as I really want to make my own similar one as well.
    I have found some pictures on a tutorial, but not with measurements so I would love your help!

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