Guest Post: Introducting Meig --- My Covert Robin :)

As I mentioned last week about the pretty crochet apron and all extra sewing notions I received through a Covert Robin Gift Exchange.

the covert robin button

Today I would like to welcome Meig from Global Odyssey to share the thoughts behind those wonderful gifts. :)
You can also check out other gifts made for the Covert Robin Gift Exchange by clicking on this link.


Hello everyone! I'm Meig. I blog at Global Odyssey about my life full of crafts, pets, love, faith, and travels. I also am half of Crafty Girl Squared where we share crafts, sewing, crochet, and a strong friendship. Please go check out our shop where everything is 45% off!! :)

I'm here today to share with you the things that I sent to Tanya for the Covert Robin Swap! I sent her a crocheted apron and a bunch of sewing notions. I figured since she's from Thailand, I'd send her some US sewing notions that maybe she couldn't get there. Plus, the Singer tomato pincushion was pink AND had different sections for different needles. So cool!

When I was checking out Tanya's blog, I saw that she sewed. A lot. And she's a great seamstress! I wanted to send her something that wasn't sewn because I also crochet, so I figured this apron would be a little different. I simply made 8 granny squares and then sewed them together and added a tie to it. I love the teal and white together. It seemed very tropical to me!

I put it all in this TOMS box because I love reusing things and TOMS are one of my favorite things in the world. I wrapped a brown paper bag around it, walked down to the post office (my parents live in a very small town and I was visiting them the weekend I sent it), and posted it to Thailand!

I'm so glad that Tanya liked everything I sent! I am looking forward to getting to know her better now that we've 'met' and keep in touch! Best wishes from Akron, Ohio, USA!

Thanks again Meig...what a wonderful surprise to know that you are from Akron, Ohio. I went to school in Cleveland and stayed there for 8 years. Akron is less than an hour away so I'm quite familiar with your city..and this sure brought back fond memories.

I hope all my blogging friends are having a wonderful weekend. I have to be at an English camp until Thursday night, but I will try to check back as often as I can.

Take care :)


My first report on My Precious QAL Blocks

Thanks to Tiffany @ This Crafty Fox..I found out about "My Precious QAL" and recently joined in hope of using the fabrics I already have for better use and curbing my fabric purchase. You can find out more about this quilt along here:
And there is a Flickr group dedicating for this quilt along as well. Please go check it out and I hope you will considering joining in. 

Back to my blocks..I decided to use "A Walk in the woods by Aneela Hoey" and these blocks are also homework for the basic patchwork class I am taking.
simple four-patch
fuzzy cut nine-patch

I still  have 4 more blocks to finish before my class on Saturday..yikes! Due to work, I came home feeling so tired everyday so I had to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to do my homework. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. :)
I will post more about my experiences with the basic patchwork class soon. 


Checking-in from home and My Swap Fun

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA for a couple weeks...I got back home last Tuesday and things have been really crazy around here with my job.

I participated in the Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap Round 4 so after got back I had to get busy trying to finish the pouch to send off to my partner. My partner like red/aqua combination and would like to get a pouch with zipper so this is what I made for her - the wonky log cabin on one side:
and the simple patchwork on another side:
I added some extra goodies for her. I hope she will like her pouch.
Please check out the PLPS4 Flickr group for inspiring pouches:

And while I was gone...I had two packages waiting for me from other swap/gift exchange.
I got a fabulous crochet apron and other sewing notions from Meig through the Covert Robin Gift Exchange
I'm inviting Meig to be a guest on my blog to talk about the thoughts behind these gifts so please check back to hear more details. :)

I also received a very pretty embroidery hoop, pin cushion ring, and yummy embroidery flosses from Marissa through the Wild Olive Stitch Swap
I asked my student to pose for me since I love her nail polish colors :)

I will post more about my trips and the goodies I got from the U.S. soon. I actually plan to do some book reviews -- just have to wait a bit for things to get less busy.

Thank you very much for your visit. I sure missed posting on my blog and chatting with my blogging friends. I will try to catch up with the comments you left for me very soon. :)


Fabric Shopping in Anaheim

In the last couple days I have been having fun shopping for fabrics to bring back home for my friends and myself. I found a fabric store in Anaheim, C.A. called "M & L Fabrics discount store"

They have great selections of all kind of fabrics..here are some examples:

Here are some selections that I am bringing home:

Sorry for the bad lighting.V__V"
If you visit Disneyland in California...please check out this shop..I think you will really enjoy your time there.

I've also got some books and magazine...I will try to write posts about them soon :).


My Typography Challenge Entry and Checking in from Los Angeles, U.S.

Hello friends! Sorry for having been missing for a while..I have been busy driving along the U.S. West Coast from L.A. to San Diego ...Las Vegas...Grand Canyon..and now back to L.A. again. How do I miss all of my blogging friends and posting the updates on my blog. Today I dropped my students off at the Six Flags (amusement park) so I have some free time for myself to get on the computer..yeah!

I know I am posting my Typography Challenge Entry later than the deadline but Rikka @ Richochet and Away and Keren @ Sew La Vie,the co-hosts of the challenge, are very kind to let me enter my challenge. Thank you very much! :)

Here are the challenge guidelines:
PROJECT:  Home decor, i.e. curtains, wall art, bedding, place mats, etc.
THE KICKER:  Use letters/numbers/symbols in your design (what you'd find on a keyboard)
VOTING:  A Polldaddy poll will be set up to determine the winner.
PRIZES:  Winner(s) will receive bragging rights and a chic button!

My Entry is "The P.S. I Love You" Bag. Thanks to Pam @ Threading My Way for suggesting that I asked if this bag would be qualified for the entry because I was extremely busy before my trip and did not have time to finish the planned project...and Rikka said yes! :)

Please check out the button link above..the voting is opened until the end of April. :)

On another note, while waiting for my students today...I hunted down a fabric shop in L.A. that I had been putting on my U.S. visit to-do list...after getting lost and stuck in traffic I finally found this lovely shop called "Sew Modern"

This is the label on the bag..I thought it's just so cute :)
This is what the front of the shop looks like..I was really happy to be in the store.
They do have great fabric deals too.
some bargain bins :)

And here are my selections (I bought them to share with my friends when I go back home too)
And finally, the Swoon quilt pattern that I've always wanted
The prices are much cheaper than if I bought in Thailand with saving on shipping..so that was my excuse to shop ;)
Well..that's all for now..I will try to post an update again soon..may be the pictures of the trip. Until then..I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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