Guest Post: Introducting Meig --- My Covert Robin :)

As I mentioned last week about the pretty crochet apron and all extra sewing notions I received through a Covert Robin Gift Exchange.

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Today I would like to welcome Meig from Global Odyssey to share the thoughts behind those wonderful gifts. :)
You can also check out other gifts made for the Covert Robin Gift Exchange by clicking on this link.


Hello everyone! I'm Meig. I blog at Global Odyssey about my life full of crafts, pets, love, faith, and travels. I also am half of Crafty Girl Squared where we share crafts, sewing, crochet, and a strong friendship. Please go check out our shop where everything is 45% off!! :)

I'm here today to share with you the things that I sent to Tanya for the Covert Robin Swap! I sent her a crocheted apron and a bunch of sewing notions. I figured since she's from Thailand, I'd send her some US sewing notions that maybe she couldn't get there. Plus, the Singer tomato pincushion was pink AND had different sections for different needles. So cool!

When I was checking out Tanya's blog, I saw that she sewed. A lot. And she's a great seamstress! I wanted to send her something that wasn't sewn because I also crochet, so I figured this apron would be a little different. I simply made 8 granny squares and then sewed them together and added a tie to it. I love the teal and white together. It seemed very tropical to me!

I put it all in this TOMS box because I love reusing things and TOMS are one of my favorite things in the world. I wrapped a brown paper bag around it, walked down to the post office (my parents live in a very small town and I was visiting them the weekend I sent it), and posted it to Thailand!

I'm so glad that Tanya liked everything I sent! I am looking forward to getting to know her better now that we've 'met' and keep in touch! Best wishes from Akron, Ohio, USA!

Thanks again Meig...what a wonderful surprise to know that you are from Akron, Ohio. I went to school in Cleveland and stayed there for 8 years. Akron is less than an hour away so I'm quite familiar with your city..and this sure brought back fond memories.

I hope all my blogging friends are having a wonderful weekend. I have to be at an English camp until Thursday night, but I will try to check back as often as I can.

Take care :)


  1. Id have to agree that Tanya is an awesome seamstress... I love that apron.. what a great idea.. What a wonderful gift you received Tanya!

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