Tutorial - P.S. I Love You Bag - Part I : Making Outer Bag Body and Lining

Here is the tutorial for the "P.S. I Love You" Bag as promised. :)

I decide to post the tutorial into several parts but will combine them in one post later.
The finished size is approximately 14.5" x 13"

Let's start with the outer bag body
Note: Seam allowance 0.5” (otherwise stated)

1. Cut 2 pcs. outer fabrics (here I used Linen as the main fabric on one side and little flower print on the other side) – 17.5” x 13”
For the linen outer fabric, follow the tutorial on how to do a heart shape reverse appliqué, then apply the interfacing (16.5” x 12”, cut 2 pieces) on to this piece and the flower print
2. Next place linen piece and the back outer fabric right side together and stitch across to attach these two pieces
3. Cut batting (16.5”x24”) then apply the adhesive spray or  baste the batting to the focus fabric piece before quilting – I only did the quilting on the flower print back and along the heart appliqué 
(Note: this step is optional - if you do not want to quilt, you can skip)

 4. Then top stitch along the sewn focus fabric pieces (linen and flower print) to secure this bottom edge
And fold this sewn outer piece in half, right side together before stitch along both sides to make a bag (Note– trim the excess batting on both sides)
5. If you would like to add a pocket on the back, cut the  a piece of fabric (8.5”x9.5”), then fold the bottom and side edges about 0.5” and iron press.
For the top edge, fold down about ¾ “ – iron press and then top stitch across as shown in the picture
 6. Next find the center of the bag and the pocket, mark and match the center then measure from the top of the bag down 4.5 “ before pinning the pocket piece and stitch across the bottom and along the side edges of the pocket.
7. To add a flat bottom, grab one of the bottom corners and match the side seem line with the bottom seam line, completely flatten the bag corner to form a triangle and pin to secure – measure and make a line that is 90 degrees to the side seam and is 3.15” long across the width of the triangle
Then stitch a sig-sag line about ¼” parallel to prevent fraying (this step is optional) and then trim off leaving about 1/4" seam allowance
8. Repeat step 7 on the other bottom corner, then turn the right side out – you will get the outer bag
Outer Body - Front
For lining:
9.  Cut 1 pc. of lining fabric – 17.5” x 25”
Then fold the piece in half, pin and stitch along both sides but leave one side with about 5” opening for turning. 
Next, repeat step 7 and 8 to make a flat bottom lining bag.
 I will update next steps very soon.

Well..if you have any question, please feel free to ask :)


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