Where has the week gone?

It was an absolutely crazy week for me..running around all week and not much time to be in my office...let alone sitting in front of the computer. My students are graduating soon so it means my life will get even busier. 

I did manage to finish making this Pocket Clutch using a pattern I bought from Keyka Lou Patterns as a birthday gift for my dear friend.

Just to give you the idea of the clutch size...Here is a picture of the clutch comparing with the Iphone.

Sorry for the bad lighting in this picture. :)
It was the first time I tried to use magnetic snap. With clear instructions, I did not have any problem putting it on at all. I just love patterns from Keyka Lou!
Edit to added:
This retro pocket clutch was 

Thank you very much, Pam! :)
On the other Note:

Weigh In Wednesday

Here is my weigh-in result :(
Weight Loss Goal: 10 kgs (-22lbs)
Week's Loss: +1.0kgs (2.20lbs)
Total Loss: -0.0kgs (2.20lbs) -- yep I'm back to square one again :(
Distance to Goal: 10.0kgs (22lbs)
Week's Gym Visits: 1 morning swimming session and some walking
Total Time Exercising: Approx. 1 hour

Alcohol Units Consumed: None

Date of Last Alcoholic Drink: December 31st 2011

Highlight of the Week:  Motivated myself to swim once!

Well..I am starting to not feel good about my weight ..no I am not freaking out because I'm gaining 1 kg. but the weight has been piling on since New Year before I joined in the Weigh-in and yesterday a staff at work made a comment about me starting to gain weight (I lost about 15 kgs. about a year ago) so that's why I think I need to really get serious about losing at least 5 kgs. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

I really need to balance things in my life..working, enjoying my hobbies, and exercise...I would love to hear from you if you can share any tips.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I am planning a project/tutorial...I hope I will be able to share with you soon.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! :) wow..I was surprised to see your comment as I just finished posting it.

  2. First of all - make sure you are wanting to lose weight for the right reasons and have a realistic goal that is healthy and works for your body type.

    Second, just remember it takes times - fluctuates up and down - I'm sure you noticed that when you lost 15kg a year ago.

    I lost 10 lbs last year and have another 10 to go this year - it is hard, i gained a few back over the holidays but I just make it a priority to work out, joined a gym, go to the gym on my lunch break, walk the dog... whatever I can fit in.

    You can do it - just stick with it, ride out the ups and down, and stay positive :)

    ps. LOVE this clutch! I have that pattern too, just no time to make one!

  3. Hi Tanya! I need to lose a bit of weight, too. Last year was a hard year for me and the weight creeped up on me. Looks like you're on the right track and making good progress! Love the clutch! It turned out great. :o) Have a great weekend! xo

  4. Love the clutch.. the fabric, the shape and the size!!! I find balance is hard as I tend to become absorbed in what I'm doing, so other things miss out. Tiffany has some great advice...

  5. The clutch is lovely. I like the unusual shape. There is never enough time to sew. Thank you for sharing the photos. Avis x

  6. Tanya my friend, what a cute pouch!!!! I am so mad at blogger. Unfortunately your blog is one of the blogs that keep disappearing from my dashboard no matter how often I add it back :(
    So, I constantly miss your new posts. Unfortunately I cant give you advise about life-work-balance. Please dont drive yourself crazy about the loosing weight! Did you see my giveaway? It's still time to join ;-)

  7. Gorgeous clutch Tanya, am looking forward to your upcoming project. Only way I know to keep weight off is having a two year old! like mini tornadoes, they are EXHAUSTING! but seriously good luck with your goal and try not to stress too much about it, I'm sure you'll get there:)

  8. Purse looks great! Love the fabrics :)

  9. I'm sure your friend loved this, Tanya! Thanks for linking up...

  10. What a lovely clutch! You've chosen a great combination of fabrics. I'm just trying out my first Keyka Lou pattern - it's all cut out ready to sew!

  11. Oops, I've copied the wrong address. Can you delete my previous comment. I've featured your Retro Pocket Clutch at this address...

  12. Hi Tanya. I found your blog through the Threading My Way linky party. Your little clutch is gorgeous. I have only just started learning to sew and I am yet to get the courage to try to use the magnetic claps I have in my stash. Don't stress about your weight loss. Every day that you make a right choice in regards to your food intake, exercise etc is a step in the right direction, this is a long term goal and with continued focus you will get there. I just recently competed in a 10 week body transformation challenge losing 8kg in the 10 weeks and am so proud of myself but not every day was a success. Well done for your efforts. :)

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