Tutorial:Paper Pieced Heart with Template

I'm going to divided the tutorial for "P.S. I Love You" bag into several parts.
So let's start with the paper-piecing part first. :)

1. Let’s look at the Template…you will need 7 pieces of scraps
Note: when you print out the pattern; please make sure that in your print properties, the scaling is set to "None".
The pattern is in a pdf format. So, the acrobat reader is required.

Tip: If you are using fabrics from charm packs, it might be easier that you use the entire pieces for paper-piecing and then trim down to 1/4" seam allowance.

2. Trace the paper on the foundation paper -- click on the link to find out more information on the foundation paper.
Tip: I recommend that you use a marker for this step since it will be easier later when you stitch along the lines on this template.

    3. Next -– print out the template and cut the first block #1 out  or you can trace the first block (#1) on a piece of paper and cut it out—use this as a template to cut out the fabric with approximately ¼” seam allowance.

4. Place fabric block #1 on the template you prepared in the 2nd step – place the 2nd piece of the fabric facing down (right side together) onto the 1st piece, pin and then flip the foundation paper template over carefully and stitch along the line between block #1 and #2. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4".

(Tip: making sure that the 2nd piece of the fabric will cover the block #2, I usually will line up the edge of the fabric with block #1 with ¼” seam allowance over the stitch line, pinned down the 2nd piece along the seam allowance area and flip it to the opposite side to check that it cover the entire block)

In this picture, I already cut the 2nd fabric to have the size = block #2 plus ¼” seam allowance in all sides but I think it is easier if you use a bigger piece of fabric and then trim down later after you sew the piece in already.

5. Flip back over to the fabric side, then press fabric #2 back from fabric #1.
Here I use a mini-hand presser to press down the seam. You can either use the iron or your hand to press the seam but make sure that you do not skip this step, otherwise you might have some wrinkles on your finished work later.
6. Move on to other blocks - repeating step 4 and 5.

This picture is just to show you the back side.

Please leave me any question or comment you might have. 
I will be very happy to answer if I can. Thank you very much for stopping by! ^-^



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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, Tanya!!! I've pinned this...

  2. Oh thank you so much, I have become a paper pieced addict of late and this fills my urge perfectly :)

  3. I paper pieced my first block today, so this is very timely! Can't wait to give it a try.

  4. I love paper pieced.Your block is very cute!

  5. Oh, so cool. I have to try that soon! Just need to get that foundation paper! Btw, did you see my princess ;-) ?

  6. Okay, that is SO COOL. And its so simple too. I will definitely try this out. Thank you!

    Stop by my blog? I'm not a craft blogger, hehe.

  7. I've never tried this method, but I am seriously interested. A great tutorial. I'll being following this project closely.

  8. I have never tried foundation paper piecing but this looks small enough that I am not intimidated. LOL Thanks for sharing!

  9. I've have been looking at paper piecing for a long time hoping to try it. I've just tried your beautiful heart and I am very happy with how its turned out. Now to reverse applique it! thanks for the tutorial :)

  10. Paper Piecing is also on my list of 'things to learn' this year. I love that this is small enough to tackle without being intimidating.
    {Newest follower on GFC}

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  14. Hi, I've constructed the heart as per your instructions above, but how do you piece the completed heart into a square?

    In your photo, it's been sewn wit a border around it.

    Thanks for the great template.

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