My Thursday Think Tank!

It's Thursday Think Tank Time again :)

Thursday Think Tank

So I would like to show you what I have been thinking and planning:
I used the template from the Stitchery Valentine Pillow Project from Amy @ A Home Made..to add a special touch.. Thank you very much, Amy! :)

The fabrics in the background will be used as a focus fabric on the other side of the tote and the grey dots on pink will be the lining.

I really like Veronica @ SewVery 's suggestion to applique on a pillow. :) Thanks Veronica for a great idea.
So I am going to use make another paper-pieced heart with this Reading Pillow pattern I'm making for my boyfriend.
I will get to see him in March when I go to the conference in the U.S. And I will enter this pillow in the Typography Challenge that Rikka @ Ricochet and Away and Keren @ Sew La Vie are co-hosting.

My boyfriend likes to read before he goes to bed..so a reading pillow will be a good gift in my opinion...the thing is ...he always implies that he is very manly so I'm not sure what he will think of a reading pillow with a cute heart on it. Any suggestion to make it look more manly? *LOL* Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Also, Kelli @ Seriously I think it needs stitches and Rebecca @ Making Rebecca Lynne are co-hosting the giveaway for the Little Apples by Aneela Hoey Layer Cakes..so please head on over to their blogs for chances to win! :)
They also host the Keep 2012 Drama Free..and I have hopped on the band wagon! :)


 Well...that's all for me for now..time to get ready to go to work!
Thank you very much for visiting my blog and enjoy your weekend..TGIF!!


  1. I love the reading pillow idea. How cool! How to make it manly? Short of grease stains, I don't know. lol Hopefully he will just love it the way it is. :o) I love the heart and the p.s. I love you. That is so great. Thanks for writing a think tank post, though I didn't see it when I was just over there.. don't forget to link up so Rebecca will see it. :o) Thanks again, Tanya!! You're the best for joining in and playing along with us! :o)

  2. Manly hmmm maybe use manly fabric...like newspaper print and houndstooth oooh in manly colors like black and grey and ink :)
    good luck with it, I'm sure they will both be wonderful

  3. The embroidery looks great with the heart, Tanya!!! Maybe put the heart on dark fabric, rather than light colours for a manly pillow. I know you'll make a great pillow!

  4. L-O-V-E the heart. Oh it makes me want to redo valentine's day for my hubby that is how cute it is! Thank you so much for sharing on TTT I am so pinning this on my pinterest acct to remember it next year!

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