My First Dancing Princess and featuring on Threading My Way

I finally got to put an embroidery hoop I bought ages ago from a Japanese discount store to a good use. Here is my first attempt on an embroidery project -- I call her "the January Princess" :)

Kate @ Lilipopo is hosting a sew along project where she offers 6 patterns of the dancing princess series with the idea that they are each made up in two different ways so you end up with twelve princesses.

I really enjoyed making my princess -- I decided to give the applique method as shown on Kate's blog a try.
I also used a plastic spoon technique found in Japanese Quilt books when I filled in the shoes. It helped picking up the needle really easy.

I used "Doodle Stitching" book as my helper. I think it is a good book for beginners with lots of project ideas and overall stitching techniques. You can read the reviews from Amazon. :)

Here are some projects in this book:

On another note, My Patchwork Tote bag has been featured on Threading My Way. Thank you very much Pam! :) I am truely honored.


Pam @ Treading My Way has hosted a great series "Threading Your Way with Threading My Way" where you can link up your projects throughout the year with different themes going on at the moment.
Head on over to check them out...they are filled with great inspiration.

My next task would be the Naughty Notion Challenge. I have some idea/design in my head..I just have to start making it. The challenge is still opened. If you feel like you need some motivation to start off the year..please feel free to join us. :)

Well, I have to get ready to work now. I do not like the idea of working on a Sunday..Thanks goodness this is only a one-week thing.

Thank you very much for stopping by! :) I am very sorry that my email responses have been late lately. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Your 'Dancing Princess' is so sweet. I'd like to do some more embroidery. The little I've done has been very therapeutic. Thanks so much for your kind words and the shout out!!! I'll be doing my Naughty Notions project at the eleventh hour!!!

  2. She's gorgeous Tanya! Love her - especially her odd stockings (I never wear matching socks, much to my mum's horror). I really need to get a move on with my little princess. Haven't even made a start yet!

  3. She is so cute and your doing a fantastic job! I'll have to check out that sew along. And I love that book, it is really helpful. So many cool projects and lovely designs.

  4. So cute - I'm excited to follow your projects! I'm very glad you like embroidery. It's so simple, fun and satisfying. The princess is adorable. ~Kristina @nerdysewist

  5. I'm glad you have a blog too, I just found it, your patchwork bag is amazing and I love your little princess, I can't believe how different they are all turning out.
    I am following you too x

  6. Hi, thanks for dropping by my Blog and following. I love your princess, she's very sweet! Now following you. Emma x

  7. Needlework is something I've never tried. Your princess is so sweet!

  8. Hi Tanya, your January princess is adorable. I can't believe she is your first embroidery attempt, well done! Cant wait to see what you come up with for the Naughty Notions Challenge :)

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