FNSI Result and TTT - Pick Your Favorite Cup! - Laptop Sleeve

This is what I got from Friday Night Sew-in -- actually I only finished part of the project on Friday night ..cut out all the fabrics and ingredients according to the pattern and finished it off yesterday.

This laptop sleeve is a gift to my student. We like to hang out at Starbucks so when I saw this fabric I had to get it just for her. :) She is not the lace and bow kind of gal so I think a classic, trendy style will fit her better.

I used a
13" Laptop Sleeve pattern from Keykay Lou with a slight modification, instead of using VELCRO tape to secure the sleeve, I used the natural linen stripe instead. The pattern comes with a great detailed instruction.

I think next time I make the laptop sleeve again, I will try to either use a rigid cardboard box or a foam cushion as a stabilizer for a firmer structure ----but then it might be more difficult to sew -- any other suggestion? :)

Well, I have an appointment with my friends to go shopping for yarns..so I have to sign off now.

Thank you very much for stopping by!


  1. I have never seen fabric with a print like that, Tanya. Great job on the laptop sleeve. I've never made one, so no suggestions from me:-)

  2. Beautiful & personal gift, Tanya. I'm sure your student will love the thought and care gone into it. :)

  3. What a great laptop sleeve! I'm sure she will love it. :) I love that fabric.

  4. What kind of interfacing did you use? I have used a rigid interface for a fabric basket I made, it's easy to sew through but tough enough to stand up on it's own. You could try that next time.

  5. Oh, that's an awesome laptop sleeve!

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  6. LOVE that sleeve! And I'm digging the fabric. So yum...thank you so much for sharing!!

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