Tutorial and Pattern for Vintage Rose Frame Purse

I am so excited -- my Kawaii Facial Tissue Pouch has been featured on Creative Itch:

Creative Itch

Misty @ Creative Itch hosts "Sew Cute Tuesday" link party for sewing projects every week. It's a wonderful place to find great inspiration so please check it out.

To celebrate this, I am posting a tutorial for the vintage rose frame purse as promised :).

Materials you will need:
Cotton Fabrics for body and lining

Fleece or quilt batting
3.5" (or 8.5 cm) metal clasp

Pattern or tracing paper
Sewing pins

Seam allowance: 1/4" (or 0.7 cm.)

Note: when you print out the pattern; please make sure that in your print properties, the scaling is set to "None".
The pattern is in a pdf format. So, the acrobat reader is required.

Sewing Body and Lining:

1. Trace the pattern on to the fabrics and cut main fabrics, lining fabrics, and batting according to the pattern guideline. Sew the batting onto the main fabrics (in this case, I use the sew-in type but if you use another type, just follow the manufacturer guideline).

2. We will start with the main fabrics, sew pattern A with B, then sew another piece of A followed by another piece of B: A+B+A+B

3. Trim off excess fleece/ quilt batting and then clip along the curve of the purse

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for the lining fabrics

5. Insert the main focus fabric bag into the lining bag, right side together as shown in picture, then sew across the top but leave one side open6. Then turn the right side out, press and topstitch across the opening(0.3 cm. or 1/8" seam allowance).
Sewing frame and purse:

I use pictures and instructions from the mini-coin purse tutorial.

7. fold the purse in half and make a mark; then align the mark with the middle hole of the purse frame (work on one side at a time)

8. Use pins to lock the marked position and the two ends, make sure that the lining is well tucked inside the frame (Tip: using stilletto or crochet hook to insert the lining inside the frame)

9. Roughly sew the frame with the purse body to lock the aligned positions

10. Using double threads, starting from one end, insert the needle under the frame to pass through the 1st hole of the frame then move to the 2nd hole

11. Once the needle pass through the liner (about 45 degree angle) in the back (Tip: make sure that it comes out just right next to the frame), insert the needle back through the liner close to the point where the needle first came out as much as possible -- then pass the needle (about 45 degree angle) through the second hole again to the front -- this will make your liner looks neat without seeing the stitches

12. Repeating the same steps but now move from the 2nd hole to the 3rd hole and so on ^-^

13. Work on the other side -- then You are DONE...Yeah!!

Please leave me any question or comment you might have. I will be happy to answer.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you again soon!

Note: I also used this pattern for the strawberry shortcake mini-coin purse.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this cute project.

    Love for you to join my Linky Party - JAQS "Made by ME" at http://www.jaqsstudio.com/2011/11/made-by-me-6-linky-party-and-features.html

  2. Congrats on a well deserved feature for your tissue pouch, Tanya! Thanks for the comprehensive tutorial for the frame purse. I've learnt a lot by reading it.

  3. Congrats on your FEATURE!!!! You deserved it. What a wonderful detailed tutorial! I thank you so much for doing it, I know it takes so much time and detail.

    It is just the cutest! Kim

  4. I agree, having a blog is quite motivating! Your pouch is precious!!! Love the softness of your blog.

  5. I love this!!! I will have to make some of these.. Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. That is so pretty!!! Just found you from Pam at Threading My Way and I'm your newest follower! :)

  7. This is such a great tutorial! I think this is darling and I MUST make one!! :) Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I love yours and just started following you as well!

  8. wow this is sooooooooooooooo cool ... I have just completed a little bag made from paper ... yours is stunning .. thanks for sharing ... you are so inspiring .. hugz x

  9. i am following you now ... love your blog xo

  10. Thanks for adding me to your blog. I just love the purses that you make and this one is stunning.

  11. This is the instructions I followed. Loved it.

    1. Thank you very much Mary for the kind comment and feedback. I'm glad to hear that the tutorial is useful. :)

  12. Thanks for linking up this great tutorial, Tanya! I've always loved this purse...

  13. Hi Tanya, I've featured your Vintage Rose Frame Purse tutorial today...

  14. Felicidades por este precioso blog.

  15. Awesome post... I love this purse and want to make this soon... Nice blog!
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  16. Great tutorial. I have a clasp that is 10cm wide. Could you please explain how the fabric measurements and shape relate to different clasp sizes so I can adjust accordingly? Thank you!

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  18. Where can I buy the metal clasp?

    1. there is one site that has many different models check at www.creatissus.com

  19. this is beautiful but I can't find the link to print the pattern for cutting out the coin purse. is it so obvious if it was a snake it would have bit me! lol hekp please

  20. It's wonderful: I would try to make it but here, in Italy I can't find the metal clasp.
    Thank you very much for the tutorial and sorry for my english!

  21. Beautiful! I would like to make - where did you find the metal clasp? Thanks, Cindy

    1. never mind - just saw your earlier response to someone asking the same question :)

  22. Could you please tell me where I get the link to the pattern for this adorable purse? Thank-You!

    1. Did you find it? Just above the step 1 - where you reed pattern, it has a link to a pdf file ;-)

  23. That is so cute, I would of never thought of that. I am definitely making me one or maybe a few! haberdashery

  24. I ant find the PDF for the download on the pattern? Help me out please.

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  27. thank you SO much fr this wonderful pattern, I just made my first one and it took under an hour! I'm absolutely in love with it! I got my clasp at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. I wish I could share a picture with you

  28. So vintagey cute - for me on my Grandaughters wedding day! Sewed for many years, but admitting here ;I am confused on putting the fabric pieces together?? Sorry, guess it's just me, I do want to make one!!

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