It's Time for Thursday Think Tank!

I have had so many ideas in my head...gazillion projects so I thought it might be a good opportunity to join Thursday Think Tank @ Making Rebecca Lynne

Thursday Think Tank
I signed up for the Solids-only Tote Challenge hosted by Keren and Rikka :).
So far I have some idea about the tote design. I do not have that many solid fabrics..so I will have to go through my stash this week to see..then I might pick the design and start the project. Everyone in this challenge is really active..so I'm afraid I won't finish in time..I'd better hurry up.

Also, I would like to make a Kindle cover for my boyfriend for Christmas. I have never made one so I will have to try and make one for my e-reader first and then adjust the pattern accordingly.

I am going to go with this style...since he usually uses it at home before going to bed, so the sleeve type would not be as convenient.

(picture from etsy: JennJill Designs)

Any thoughts on the kindle cover would be appreciated. :)

The problem is the fabric theme..I don't know which one he will like..he was joking about monkeys..but all I could find for the monkey prints are too girly or cute..and I know he would not use it for sure. It's SO difficult to find presents for guys! I also think about making a photo album or scrapbook for him.

I have a lot more ideas but do not want to bore you too much so I would just end this post here.

Thank you very much for stopping by.

Take care,


  1. I need to make a Kindle cover too. We'll have to work it out together. :) What about the Timeless Treasures monkeys? Or are they still too cute?


  2. OOH I love that kindle cover. I would want one that stayed on too if I had a Kindle or iPad. Great idea. Have you thought of using some Douglas Day fabric? The Be a Man kind? I would love to use that to tease my hubby...hahahaha... http://quilthome.com/advanced_search_result.php/search_in_description/1?keywords=douglas+day&x=0&y=0

    Must check out the solid tote challenge. Never heard of it before!

    Thank you so much for joining TTT. We really need some fresh ideas like this!

  3. Your ideas sound fab. I always find it tricky to sew things for men. Fabric often seems to be designed more with women and children in mind. I hope you find some that suits :)

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