Frame Pouch Along - 1st Check-in

I have been very excited about my first sew-along project. So many ideas ran through my mind..what theme, design, etc.

Well..here is what I chose:

Actually it's the same design as the strawberry shortcake mini-coin purse I posted a while ago (the frame size is 4" or 10 cm.) but this time I decided to go with a vintage style instead.

I will try to make a tutorial and share a pattern here when I am done (I still have to figure out how to post a pattern in a pdf format on my blog).

BTW,Rebecca @ Making Rebecca Lynne posted a great tutorial on how to create a frame pouch template on her blog. Please check it out! :)


  1. That flower is going to look fabulous on a purse. I'd better get started on mine!!!

  2. I can't wait to see your tutorial! I'd love to learn how to make something as lovely as that.

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