Strawberry Shortcake Mini-coin purse

I've got a set of strawberry shortcake fabric.

so I decided to use them to make a mini-coin purse. :)
And here is the final result.

I wish I had a girl..right now I just put this purse on a shelf because I think I am too old to use it but my age does not stop me from getting cute fabrics...I guess I am always young-at-heart :)

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2 Years Anniversary of My Crafts Journey

Time just flew by..I remember that it was in September 2009 that I started to get interested in sewing/quilting/patchwork after stumbling upon a really cute website that sell sewing supplies.

I had many bad memories from my childhood. I remembered that I cried many times during home economics class because I had to finish the sewing assignments or I would not get to leave the class.

So just to answer what I recently have come to believe and told myself that "I can do anything if I put my mind into it". I went to a local quilting shop near the university (I am a university instructor - in Polymer Science/Plastics). And the rest is history!

Well, my first few projects were not really successful. But after two years of taking so many classes and workshops, I think I am getting a hang of it. I still have a lot to learn and will not stop learning. :)

I just want to show you a picture of one of my many current projects - a patchwork bag. I am attending a 3-day workshop..I still have to finish my homework but I got to tell you that "mosaic" is not easy to make!

I will keep you posted with the progress of this project.
Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a great day :)


Easy Patchwork and Quilting Class

In July I had a chance to participate in the "Easy Patchwork and Quilting Bag" Class with a well-known Quilting teacher in Thailand.
It was a wonderful experience. The class included all the basic information starting from making your own blocks and learning how to match the fabric colors.
These are the fabrics I chose for my project.

Since we had to make 24 crazy log cabin blocks for this bag. The teacher told us that we could make 4 blocks as starters and then duplicate the same color schemes for the rest. So these are the starter blocks that I made.

Then I had to make a total of 24 blocks.(Well I have to admit that I am a bit sick of crazy log cabin for a while..haha T^T)

After that arranged 12 blocks for each side of the bag :))

Finally, I got this beautiful bag. I am very pleased with the way it looks!! All the hard work finally pays off. \(^-^)/

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